“Mindset to Manifestation” podcast

Past Lives, Relationships and Narcissists with Michelle Brock


How To Manifest Your Ideal Partner

The Love Group Podcast

Michelle Brock On the Many Lives We Live – Part 2

The Love Group Podcast

Michelle Brock On the Many Lives We Live – Part 1

I AM Not that podcast

The Intuitive Life with Laura Wooster

“Exploring Past Lives with Michelle Brock” – You Are Not Alone podcast with Spiritual Medium Erika Gabriel

“Inside Our Past Life Regressions: Who We Were and Why It Matters Today”

“The Power of Past Life Regression: Remembering Who You Really Are”

“Create the Future with Michelle Brock”

Women’s Health

Life, Death, and the Space Between podcast: Soul Mates

Life, Death, and the Space Between Podcast

– “Have YOU Been Here Before?” Michelle Brock interview with Dr. Amy Robbins

Inside Amy Schumer

– 80s Ladies (Michelle Brock interview at 18:35)

Beyond With Mike Kelton

– Past Lives (October 2018 podcast)


– 7 Signs You’re an Old Soul (September 2018)


– 5 Creepy Stories That Will Actually Make You Wonder If Past Lives Exist (July 2018)


– What Happened When I Went on a Quest to Figure Out My Past Lives (August 2018)

Well and Good

– Do you know how to relax? Why you should make time to do nothing. (June 2018)


– How Does Your Past Life Affect Your Present Life? (May 2018)


– The Trendy Shortcut To Whole-Body Healing

Elephant Journal

– We are neither Holy nor Wise: Finding your own Truth on a Spiritual Path


– What It Really Means To Love Someone Unconditionally


– 7 Signs You May Have Met Your Soul Mate

Elevated Existence Magazine

– Exploring Past Life Regression with Michelle Brock

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